This is Kobe, Japan.

Monday, October 11, 2010

News from Japan

 Best Burger Place

Zone Leaders Elders Kee and Hoffman
 Week 15
Mission Log
Another week has gone by, and I still can`t speak Japanese. Perhaps, I`m doing something wrong. When I`m listening to other people talking, I often understand most of what`s being said, but if they say something to me, I don`t understand it at all. It`s pretty weird.
Elder Hart and I live in the same apartment with the zone leaders. So, we get to go on companion exchanges with them almost every week. Those are really good. I went on a pretty good exchange this week with Elder Lee.
We`re teaching one guy who owns a burger place. It is the tiniest little restaurant ever, but the burgers are so good. We teach him in his restaurant. He`s way cool. We did interviews with the mission president this week.
One day we had four appointments in the morning, but only one person made it. Two of them called and said they couldn't come and one just didn't show up. The one lesson that we did teach went really well though. We took them up to Kobe for a Young Single Adult outreach thing. We made American pizzas and played Foosball. I dominated everyone at Foosball. American pizza is different from Japanese pizza. Japanese people put corn on their pizza. It`s so weird. We taught him a lesson there and it went very well. His name is Taka. He`s very interested and very accepting of all that we've taught. Even though we only got to teach one out of the four people, we still considered it a successful day.
We were eating some lunch in the mall and two girls just walked up to us and asked if they could take pictures with us. It seemed weird to me, but my companion said that happens all the time. I`m pretty much a rockstar here.
I loved General Conference. And, Taka came to both of the Sunday sessions. Between the sessions, all the missionaries there had a big pot luck. It was delicious. After the second session got over, Elder Hart, one of the APs, a member of our ward that just got back from a mission, and myself, all taught Taka another lesson. It was very cool.
I`ll write again next week.
Japan is so weird.
-Elder Isaac D. Swift

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