This is Kobe, Japan.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More From the MTC : .......... 27 July 2010

Week 4
Mission Log
Not much has changed since the last time that I contacted you. They've been monitoring me closely and attempting to keep me to the same tight schedule every week. They monitor when I go to class, when I go to the gym, and even when/what I eat. I was lucky to be able to get a away for a moment just now. I check each meal for poison, but I still haven't detected any. If they've discovered my identity, they are choosing not to eliminate me. I wonder what exactly it is they have planned for me. I was able to smuggle in a camera and take some pictures that could show everyone what this place is really like and what's going on here, but I don't have the proper cord to attach my camera to their computer system, and I haven't been able to obtain one.
Each week, on Thursday, we go to a special training session. They refer to it as the TRC. There are two parts to this training session. First, we practice doing various tasks or missions in the Japanese language. This last week, we had to pick up one of the "investigators" at their "house" then get that "investigator" onto the "bus" and take them to the secret meeting house referred to as a "church." It's pretty difficult to understand what the "investigators" are trying to say to me in Japanese, but we prepare for the task and have a relatively easy time saying what we want to say. The second portion of this mission is to teach someone a lesson. We have been doing them all in English so far, but a week from Thursday we will begin doing that in Japanese as well.
I've picked up on their code language that I've been referring to as Japanese quite well. I'm at the point where I don't make any more mistakes, and I sound as if I'm a native Japanese speaker when I talk. I often correct all of Japanese people's grammar. I'm actually better at Japanese now than I am at English. I had to write this very mission log in Japanese and have someone else translate it to English so that you would all be able to read it. (I think he is joking-Mom )
I have yet to meet any of their leaders that they call "Apostles," but I'm planning on being on this mission for quite a while. So, I'm sure I'll have that opportunity. Apparently, the Sunday right before I got here was a mission president training session and they had the whole First Presidency and ten out of the twelve Apostles here. I wish that I could have been here.
I've seen a few of the other under-cover agents here that I knew from BYU.
I have to go now. Some of their guards have just breached the perimeter that I've set up. I'll attempt to contact you again next week.
-Elder Isaac Swift

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