This is Kobe, Japan.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Elder Hart
Aragasaki apartment

Week 13
Mission Log
Things are going really well here. The weather is starting to cool down. It`s not even that hot anymore. My companion is from Whakatani, New Zealand. We`re going to the stake center in Kobe to watch conference. I don`t know what days or times it is at though.
I`m basically starving all the time. We have hardly any food in our apartment other than rice and curry. There`s nothing to eat. There is one COSTCO in the mission and it`s in our area. We will go shopping there later today. It will be fun. I`m going to buy so much American food. Everything here is really expensive. The loafs of bread that you buy at the store here only have five or six slices in them. I need to buy about one million of them in order to be fed for a week. A two pound bag of cheese cost eight hundred and eighty yen. That`s a little more than nine dollars. Cereal is very expensive and they don`t have any of the good brands. It`s like they`re trying to make me eat Japanese foods.
We`re having some success. I haven`t baptized anyone yet though. When I got to Nishinomiya, there were zero progressing investigators. It`s better now. We have two people that have baptismal dates. I hope it will work out.
The weather has cooled down a lot. It isn`t even hot anymore.
Japanese is coming along pretty well. I`m getting better at understanding what other people are saying. I don`t have very much time to write this week, but next week I`ll write a bunch. I hope everyone is having fun.
-Elder Isaac Swift

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