This is Kobe, Japan.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

MTC 7 Sept 2010

Week 10
Mission Log
This is likely to be the last time that I'm able to contact you from this facility. Once they trust me enough to sent me off of a mission in Japan, I'll be able to contact you more easily. On Friday, I received the plans for my traveling. On Monday morning, I leave the MTC at 10:00am. I might be allowed to call home from the Salt Lake City airport. I then fly to Tokyo, Japan. I arrive there at 4:35pm on Tuesday. That makes the flight more than 24 hours long! It's really just like 15 hours. The international date line makes it seem longer. I also might be able to call home from there, but probably not both times. Probably one call. I don't know when. Then, I fly to Osaka. There the mission president will meet me, take me out to dinner I hear (Kobe steak I hope), and bring me to the mission home where I will spend the night. My companions are both going to the Nagoya Mission. So, they are on different flights completely. Therefore, I need a new companion while traveling. I've been assigned Elder Jindo. He's Japanese. It may be a pretty interesting trip.
I did receive the camera card. I'll be sure to take a lot of pictures when I get to Japan. The tie that everyone loves is the Donald Trump tie that's silvery white with blue boxes on it. It's pretty awesome.
They teach some forms of magic here. That is how I learned to run up walls and such.
Nathanael and Mary-Anne: Thank you for infiltrating the security here in order to help me acquire some of the necessary "tools." They are greatly appreciated and very much enjoyed. As far as I can tell, this infiltration has gone unnoticed by the guards, but I can't know for certain. I've been seeing all kinds of storms from my classroom window. I've seen more lightning since I've been here than I've seen in a long time. I like watching them on some of the really long days.
Japanese is coming along pretty well. It seems like I'm learning more this week than I did on any of the other weeks. It's the last week. So, I have to work as hard as I possibly can.
I don't really have that much to write about other than I'm excited to go to Japan. Oh, I probably won't be able to email home next week. Here in the MTC, my P-Day is on Tuesday. Out in the field it will most likely be Monday. I leave here on Monday and arrive in Japan on Tuesday. Therefore, I completely miss P-Day. So, if you don't get an email, that's why. You don't need to worry that I was killed or anything. I'll make my email extra long the next week.
Signing out,
Elder Isaac D Swift

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