This is Kobe, Japan.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

31 Oct 2010

Week 18
Mission Log

I`m staying in Nishinomiya (the city I was in) but Elder Hart (my companion) got transferred out. He went to Fukuchiyama (a countryside rural area). I`m glad that I got to stay here. I think some really good things are going to be happening in Nishinomiya. Also, I really don`t want to go to a rural area.
I have a new companion now. His name is Hashimoto. As you probably guessed upon reading his name, he is Japanese. He doesn't know any English at all. It`s going to be really good practice for me and my Japanese will improve a ton this transfer, but it`s going to be really difficult. It`s already difficult. Sometimes, when he`s talking to me, I just nod and pretend I know what he`s saying. He`s extremely different from Elder Hart. It`s really weird being with him. I`m in the same place I was in last time, but I`m doing different things. He eats rice for every single meal. I figured that Japanese people ate rice for most of their dinners and lunches, but he eats it for every breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It`s so strange. He said he`s never made a sandwich before. I suggested to him that we bring sandwiches with us one day. He laughed and said, "I've eaten a sandwich before, but I've never made a sandwich before." I was pretty surprised. We eat a lot of curry now. Everyone loves curry. It`s not bad.

It got really cold. Everyday I wear long sleeves, a sweater, and my suit coat. And, it`s probably going to get much colder still. It`s rained quite a bit recently. Yesterday, I got completely soaked from head to toe.

We had a Halloween party on Saturday night. I wore a black suit, black tie, black trench coat, and sunglasses and had a toy gun. I was from The Matrix. People loved it. My companion didn't wear a costume. I carved a cool face into a pumpkin. It was a Japanese pumpkin though. They`re different. They are smaller and they`re green. It`s not as cool as the big orange American pumpkins.

On Thursday I`m moving into the Nishinomiya apartment. Then, it will be just me and Elder Hashimoto. I`m going to miss living with three other Elders. It`s a lot of fun. I`m also going to miss being able to speak English. When we teach English speaking people, I`ll be on my own now. Also, at English class I`ll be on my own.
It`s funny to see all of the English words that they have put into their language. Right now, I`m in an intanetto kafee (Internet Cafe).

I`m going to COSTCO now. My companion has never been to a COSTCO before. He`s very excited. I`m excited to see how he reacts. When Japanese people go to COSTCO for the first time, they just go crazy. They've never seen anything like it. All Japanese food is sold in little individual packs. I got a big bag of pancake mix one time, but when I opened it up, it was just a bunch on little one serving size bags of pancake mix. It`s so weird. COSTCO is completely opposite of everything they know. Plus, tons of stuff is written in English. It`s great.

That`s all I have for this week. I`ll write to you again next week. Bye.

-Elder Isaac D. Swift

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