This is Kobe, Japan.

Monday, November 8, 2010

8 Nov 2010

Week 19
Mission Log

Nishinomiya Apartment

Nineteen is a lot of weeks. Can you believe I've been gone for that long? It doesn't feel like that long.
I don`t think they do daylight savings time here. I don`t remember doing it at all.
The last couple of days have been really nice weather. We went and contacted people in parks and stuff. We also went and saw the ocean. It`s crazy to think that it`s the same ocean that I went to so many times when I was back at home. I looked across the water and realized that all my family and friends were just on the other side of that water. It was really weird.
I won`t be able to participate in any facial hair growing competitions this year or next year, but the next winter, I will come home and just destroy everyone with my awesome super-manly Brigham Young style beard.
When we went to COSTCO, Elder Hashimoto was really anxious to leave the whole time because there were so many people there. He grew up in a little countryside area of Hokkaido and he`s been in small countryside areas his whole mission. Nishinomiya is freaking him out. I don`t think he likes the big city.
Japanese people put a ton of onions on their food. And, the onions are in huge chunks. We had spaghetti one night. I had the spaghetti on the plate. Then, there was a layer of the sauce. Then, Elder Hashimoto put a huge layer of onions covering the whole thing on top of that. I told him that I didn't want quite so many onions on mine. He thought it was weird but he scooped most of my onions onto his plate. Now he tells everyone that I hate vegetables.
We had a really long lesson earlier this morning. So, I don`t have very much time to email today. I`ll write a lot more next week.

Elder Swift

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