This is Kobe, Japan.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Imabari 28 Aug 2011

Week 61
Mission Log
Last night I dreamed in Japanese.  And, it didn't seem weird at all.  I mean, the fact that it was in Japanese wasn't weird.  It was still a pretty weird dream.  I was the villain, but instead of using guns and stuff I used samurai swords and kendo sticks.  And, everyone just spoke in Japanese.  I continue to become more and more Japanese by the day.  It`s all a part of my plan to adapt myself to their lifestyle and become one of them, until eventually they can`t tell that I`m an outsider.  A few days ago, an older lady asked me if I was Japanese.  My plan is working perfectly.  (See 1 Corinthians 9:20-23) 
We`re supposed to try to talk to 50-100 people about the gospel each day.  That comes from talking to people on the streets, talking with members, visiting less-active members, and sometimes knocking on doors.  We don`t knock on doors very often.  All of the missionaries in Imabari before would spend all day every day knocking on doors.  Then, I got here and changed it.  That`s not really my style.  There are other more effective ways to find people to teach. 
Everything is going great here.  Food is good.  Sleeping in the futons is good.  I have everything that I need. 
I got to go on a companion exchange with my old companion, Elder Gardner.  It was pretty cool.  We were able to talk a lot and reminisce about the good times we had back in Uwajima.  I`d love to go back to Uwajima sometime.
That`s all for this week. 
-Elder Isaac Swift

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