This is Kobe, Japan.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

12 Feb 2012 (13 Feb) Sennan Japan

 Week 84
Mission Log
That`s funny that you heard men in Japan spend a lot of money on Valentine`s Day, because men actually don`t spend any money at all on Valentine`s Day.  It`s a little bit different from in the US.  In Japan, Valentine`s Day (February 14th) is the holiday where women get things for the men that they like.  One month later (March 14th) is a holiday called White Day.  That is the day where men get things for women.  Out of all the women they got chocolate or something from on Valentine`s Day, they give some candy or gift or something to the girl on White Day if they are also interested. 
There are going to be two missionaries moving into the Wakayama apartment on Wednesday.  I got to go down there and get it all ready for them.  It felt weird going back to Wakayama again.  I went and looked in the mailbox in Wakayama when I was down there, and it was full of ads for pizza and stuff.  Upon looking thought the ads a little bit, at the bottom of the pile, I discovered, to my delight, two letters addressed to me.  I guess they were delivered after we moved out of the Wakayama apartment and they had just been sitting in that mailbox for a few months.  One of them was a Halloween card from the Barkers and the Pollards.  I was very excited to get the mail, and at the same time thought it was kind of funny that I din`t get it for like three or so months.  
I've pretty much given up on trying to send pictures through an email from my camera.  I`m convinced that it can`t be done.  I`ll just have to send the memory card home again sometime like I used to do.  I hope that you are doing well.  I`ll write you again next week.  Bye. 
-Elder Isaac Swift

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