This is Kobe, Japan.

Monday, January 17, 2011

JAPAN 16 Jan 2011

Week 28
Mission Log
I think I`m actually supposed to be on week twenty-nine or thirty.  I get all mixed up about what week to write sometimes.  I teach English Class in this area too.  My companion is Japanese.  So, I have to teach the class by myself.  All of the American missionaries in Japan teach an English Class.  I don`t feel like anything cool happened this week.  It was just the same stuff as always.  I did see one really cool thousand year old temple.  It`s the place that`s in the back of their ten yen coin.  It had a museum next to it and everything.  It was one of my favorite places I`ve seen. 
No, people on the street don`t usually argue with me or try to tell me about Buddha.  We did meet one person the other day that argued and got really mad because he was convinced that money was the most important thing.  He said it was more important than family and friends and anything else.  He was a bit strange.  He said he didn`t want a wife, girlfriend, friends, family, or anything like that, only money and cars.  Most people are really nice though.  Lots of people are so polite that they`ll talk to you and listen for a long time even if they don`t have any interest in the message.  The church members are all very nice and friendly.  They don`t have all of the socials and activities that we have back in America.  They have a few activities, but not nearly as much.  They go on trips together to the Tokyo temple.  They all go in a big bus.  It takes them forever to get there and back.  They usually go up there one day and come home the next day.  It`s too far to go there and back in the same day. 
  All of the missionaries here have business cards.  Everyone in Japan asks for your card.  I think it`s pretty cool.  I feel so official with my business cards.  Sorry that I don`t have very much to say this week.  It snowed last night and the night before.  Tomorrow morning we get phone calls announcing transfers.  My companion thinks he`s transferring and he`s pretty sad about it.  He really wants to stay. 
I will write again next week.  I hope all is well back at home.  Bye. 
Elder Isaac D. Swift

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