This is Kobe, Japan.

Monday, January 31, 2011

JAPAN 30 January 2011

Week 31
Mission Log
It seems like it`s still getting colder and colder here every day.  I have no idea when it`s going to start warming up.  It seems way colder than back at home, but I think that`s just because I`m outside all the time now.  Back at home when it was cold, I`d just stay inside. 
  My last companion was in Fushimi for six months.  My companion before that had been in an area for eight months.  My current companion has never been in an area for three months.  It`s really weird how some people move around a lot and some people stay in one area for a long time.  I've already had four different companions.  I think I`m going to be moving around a lot throughout my whole mission. 
One time, when we were talking to people on the street, we decided to go somewhere quiet to say a prayer.  When we were looking for quiet places, all we could find was a Buddhist temple.  I thought it was way funny.  We didn't pray there, but kept looking for a different quiet spot.  There are random ancient Buddhist temples in the middle of the city sometimes.  It`s really weird.  There will be lots of normal stores or houses, then an ancient temple just stuck right in there like it was any other building.  I don`t think all of Japan is like that though.  Just Kyoto. 
We went back to the volunteer place that we went to last week.  It was great.  Last week they were asking me some questions to get to know me, and I said that I liked okonomiyaki.  So, this week they made okonomiyaki for me for lunch.  It was so nice of them. 
Not much really happened this week.  I hope that they make you the Gospel Doctrine teacher again before I come home.  I want to go to your class.  I hope that everyone is super happy and having a good time at home.  I`m thinking about trying to do some origami today.  Origami means folded paper in Japanese.  I will write you again next week.  I love you.  Bye. 

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