This is Kobe, Japan.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Kyoto Japan 9 Jan 2011

Week 27
Mission Log
Another good week here.  Thanks to me, the country still hasn`t been taken over by zombies.  That`s awesome that the Seahawks are doing so well right now.  Maybe this year they can finally take the Superbowl championship that rightfully belonged to them so long ago.  Let me know if they win. 
You don`t know what a Navajo Taco is?  Yes, it`s named after the Indian tribe.  It`s kind of like a taco, but instead of a normal tortilla you make a pretty thick tortilla that`s almost like a pita.  You cook that up then put whatever you want on top of it (refried beans, salsa, lettuce, tomato, ground beef, chocolate covered strawberries, cheese, etc.)  It`s pretty good. 
We do have a heater in our apartment, but we don`t leave it on all night.  So, it gets pretty cold in the mornings.  Also, when the heater is on, only the study, bedroom, and kitchen get warm.  The bathroom and entryway are still freezing cold.  It`s snowing right now here.  I sleep on two futons (like a mattress but only two inches thick and not as solid and structured) and I use three blankets. 
I have to know, when people say the year, do they say "two thousand eleven" or do they say "twenty eleven"?  I feel so cut off from the rest of the world.  For the entire 2011 year, I`m going to be cut off from the normal world.  I`m guessing that they say "two thousand eleven".  It sounds more right to me, but I`m not sure.  when we talk about 2012 we say "twenty twelve."  English is so weird.  I`m going to be so bad at English by the time I get back.  I won`t even be able to talk.  I`ll fail all my English classes. 
I finally feel like I`m starting to make a little progress on learning this language.  All you have to do to get by in Japan is do everything the exact opposite of how you would do it in America.  Every time I try to lock or unlock a door, I get mixed up because you turn the key backwards to how you would in America.  The sentences are all in backwards order.  In an emergency you call
1-1-9.  Everything`s so crazy.
Mom or Dad:  Can you please send some pictures of our house, yard, and family.  Everyone always asks to see pictures of my family, and people here would freak out if they saw how big our house and yard are.  Everyone lives in tiny houses here and has no back or front yard.  Our house would totally blow their minds.  Also, if you have a good banana bread recipe you could send that too.  I have some bananas that turned brown and gross. 
That`s all for this week.  Try to make sure that the United States stays cool until I get back. 

Each city has their own manhole cover design.  It often has what the city is famus for.


This means "stop"
-Elder Isaac D. Swift

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