This is Kobe, Japan.

Monday, March 7, 2011

6 March 2011 Japan

Week 36
Mission Log
How is everything going back in America?  Things are going well here.  I am staying in Fushimi for another transfer.  I got a new companion.  He is half Japanese and half American.  His name is Elder Bennion.  He is from Seattle.  He looks really Japanese.  So, people here think that he`s Japanese when they see him, but he`s lived in America his whole life and he didn`t speak any Japanese before.  I`ve switched companions every single transfer. 
This week was cold.  We got snow on Thursday and on Friday.  They say that it`s just going to get warmer from now on, but I don`t know if I trust them. 
I went to the coolest restaurant in the world.  It was called Ninja Kyoto.  They have one in Tokyo and one in New York too.  It was really hard to find because it was in an alley type place behind some other stores.  When we were trying to leave the place, we were wandering through some dark alleys and we suddenly found ourselves in the back of a shoe store.  It was weird.  The whole restaurant is dark and ninja themed.  The waiters and waitresses were dressed like ninjas and they would put on little ninja shows during your meal.  It was super cool.  The gift shop had all kinds of swords and throwing stars and ninja books and the like.  Then, there was a maze.  You have to go in a passage leading underground to get to the maze.  At the entrance to the maze they give you a small flashlight that doesn`t work very well and a card with Japanese characters to find in the maze.  It`s really dark and the flashlight doesn`t work very well.  Also ninjas often jump down from the ceiling or pop out from behind hidden compartments in the walls.  It was the coolest place in the world.  My companion was freaking out. 
On Sunday, during the Preisthood and Relief Society time, we did a fireside.  It was pretty good.  It was a little stressful because Elder Kawamura was going to do it all and he had the whole thing planned out, but then he transferred.  Elder Bennion and I made it work though.  It was a little awkward because it was a fireside on missionary work and we had two investigators in church that week.  It`s ok though.  Neither of them thought it was that weird.  The work is going really well here.  Our area is always leading the zone in new investigators found each week.  I`m hoping that we can break the mission record for most investigators found in one week. 
That`s about all I did this week.  I will write to you again next week.  I love you all.  Bye. 
-Elder Isaac Swift

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