This is Kobe, Japan.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Japan 17 April 2011

Week 42
Mission Log
This week was pretty good.  These week, our district meeting was in Kochi, an area that borders our area, and after the district meeting week did companion exchanges and worked with the elders there.  In order to get to Kochi, we had to take a small train that only had one car.  We had to ride it for about five hours.  For the majority of the time, we were the only two people on the train and my companion was asleep.  I mostly just read from the Book of Mormon in Japanese and studied vocabulary.  The elders in Kochi ended up being sick, so we weren`t able to work with them very much at all.  It took up a lot of our week.  We also had to travel back to Uwajima by train.  Then, on Saturday, we had to go to Imabari to have our interviews with the mission president.  We spent about four and a half hours on the bus in order to get to Imabari.  The mission president was two hours late to the interviews.  Then, we had to travel back home.  It took up our whole day.  We were worried that we wouldn`t be able to get back home until really late.  We hardly got to work in our own area at all this week.  While in Kochi I was able to see Kochi Castle, though.  I have now seen four of the twelve original castles of Japan.  It was pretty cool. 
On Tuesday we will get the phone call announcing the next transfers.  The president said that since we both just got to Uwajima recently and I was only there for the shortened transfer, there is a pretty good chance that we`ll both just stay there for another transfer.  But, nothing is decided yet, and anything could happen.  We`re going to go buy little bull souvenirs today and probably a bookmark.  Uwajima is famous for bull fighting. 
I don`t know if you remember, but there is a member of our branch that teaches elementary school children.  Before he had us take a first grade level Japanese test.  This week he had us take the second grade level Japanese test.  It was so hard.  It was like ten times harder than the first grade test.  I got an 88 percent on it.  I was embarrassed, but it was still better than all the other missionaries, and the member was way impressed. 
I bought a cool new pen.  I got completely destroyed at ping pong.  I ate some pizza.  We did Family Home Evening at the house of a part-member family.  It was really good. 
Nobody celebrates Easter at all in Japan.  Most people have never even heard of Easter or have any idea what it is.  It`s kind of a bummer. 
The weather is getting pretty nice.  It`s actually getting quite warm here in tropical paradise. 
I`m pretty much out of things to say now.  I`m glad that things are going well back at home and that grass is growing on the side of the house.  I love you all and I`ll write again next week.  Bye. 
-Elder Isaac Swift

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