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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Uwajima Japan 10 April 2011

Week 41
Mission Log
Another great week has gone by.  It`s hard to believe that I`ve really been a missionary for 41 weeks now.  I`m pretty sure that I just got out of the MTC last week. 
The weather is wonderful here in my tropical paradise.  It`s sunny and warm every day. 
I went up to the Uwajima Castle last Monday.  It was awesome.  In Japan there aren't a lot of natural things like trees or animals, but in the center of the city, there is a giant hill that is completely forested and Uwajima Castle is on top of it.  It was really cool.  You walk through a gate and it feels like you just entered the jungle.  Then you hike up the jungle mountain and by the castle`s walls and fortifications.  Up at the top, there is a small park and the castle.  It has a great view of the city.  The park has a lot of cherry blossoms and they were stunning.  The castle is really really small, but it was still cool looking.  It`s smaller than our house.  It looks cool though.  I took a lot of pictures.  I`ll send them home sometime. 
Congratulations to Caleb for getting his Eagle Scout, and for getting to play in the Daffodil Parade.  :)
One of our zone leaders was in Uwajima six months ago and he had to watch conference here in Japanese.  So, he called us up on Saturday morning and said, "You two can come up to our area and watch it in English."  We were pretty happy about that.  We took the two and a half hour bus ride followed by a train ride to get to their church.  We spent the night there on Saturday and watched all of Conference in English.  It was really good.  I loved all of Priesthood session, especially President Uchtdorf`s talk.  I loved the one on Sunday about being and doing as well.  Those may have been my favorites.  President Monson`s talk in Priesthood session was really good as well. 
That`s pretty much all that happened this week.  I love you all and hope that everyone is happy.  I will write again next week.  Bye. 
-Elder Isaac Swift

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