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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Uwajima Japan 24 April 2011

Week 43
Mission Log
This week went very well.  My companion and I are both still in Uwajima.  This transfer is only going to be five weeks long though.  The last one was also only five weeks long.  It feels like I`ve been in Uwajima for several months though.  A normal day consist of waking up at 6:30, eating breakfast, showering and such, 8-9 personal study, 9-10 companionship study, 10-10:30 language study, 10:30-9pm work, 9-9:30 planning, and 9:30-10:30 get ready for bed, write in journal, etc., 10:30 sleep.  That is what life is like.  During our nightly planning session we decide as a companionship what we will do during the big "work" chunk of time.  It consist of mostly meeting with members, teaching investigators, finding people to teach, defending the castle from opposing samurai invasions, and doing service.  Monday`s schedule is a little different, and on Sunday we have church but everything is the same other than that. 
We`re basically celebrities here.  Sometimes people ask to take pictures with us.  Any time we talk to someone under 50, they tell us that we`re super good looking.  People just start talking to us on the street.  I think you`d be surprised if you knew how many investigators in Japan first became investigators just because they wanted to talk with some cool Americans.  A lot of people actually think that I`m from England though.  They say I just have that kind of feeling to me.  They also tell me that I have a huge nose and that I look like Keanue Reaves especially from The Matrix.  Japan is a fun place. 
Church was really good yesterday.  The District President visited our branch.  I spoke in sacrament meeting.  It was probably the best talk I`ve ever given.  I told the pearl and the box story and talked about the need to focus on Christ and the things that are most important.  A member of the branch presidency got up and told me that I had to finish because I was taking too long.  I just had a lot of things I wanted to say.  President Nakajima also spoke.  His talk was really inspiring.  He talked about miracles in missionary work.  He told the branch that if they want the church to build a building here, they have to have fifty people attending.  I looked out in the audience and you could see in their eyes that they all really wanted it.  It was awesome.  We also had a fireside on missionary work after church.  The branch president said a lot of good things about us and that we were great missionaries and when we ask the members for help or to do things we`re being guided by the Spirit, so they should listen.  It was great.  Everyone in the branch wants to do missionary work. 
We were talking with some members about earthquakes and tsunamis and such, and they said that in the event of a natural disaster, everyone goes to the castle.  I though it was the funniest thing.  Uwajima is and interesting place.  There are only old people here.  I pictured an alarm going off throughout the city and some old guy on a old bicycle yelling "To the castle!" in a croaky old man voice and everyone riding their bikes super slowly to try to get to the castle.  
I think that Doranda should name her child Tachibana Ryusuke if it`s a boy and Matsumoto Kumiko if it`s a girl. 
Easter isn`t written on the calendars here.  So, we went around telling everyone in the ward about Easter this week.  It was pretty fun.  Every single person seemed pretty surprised when we told them that Easter was on Sunday.  They all had weird guesses about when Easter was or they just had no clue.  Nobody said that it was on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox. 
It sounds like everyone is having a lot of fun back at home.  I love you all and hope you`re having a good time.  Bye. 
-Elder Swift

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