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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

3 July 2011 Imabari Japan

You are over the hill now you really must hurry.  On bike or on foot work with a scurry.  There is so much to do, no time to fret; work with great effort so you'll have no regret.
Week 53
Mission Log
Fifty-three is more than fifty-two.  Therefor, my mission is already more than one year over.  Therefore, there is less than one year left.  Around this some time next year, I will be coming home.  Around this same time last year I left for my mission.  About this same time fifty years from now, I`ll be really old.  As far as mission time goes, I`m already pretty old. 
It is the 4th of July (Independence Day) right now.  As I`m sure you already guessed, they don`t celebrate that holiday here in Japan.  My companion and I probably won`t be doing anything to celebrate it either because he is Austrailian and they don`t celebrate it in Australia either.  They celebrate Australia day in January. 
The weather is a bit hectic.  It`s really really hot a lot of the time.  We definitely have to use air conditioning.  Everyone in Japan uses air conditioning.  It would just seems ridiculous for someone not to use it here.  There was a crazy storm coming in as we ride to the emailing place though.  It was starting to rain and there was a ton of lightning and thunder.  We still hear some of the thunder even though were inside a mall and there`s music playing.  It`s really loud. 
President McIntyre has returned to the United States and has been released from his calling.  President Zinke has been called as the new president of the Japan, Kobe mission president.  On Saturday, we were able to meet him and receive training from him for the first time.  It sounds like he`s going to do a great job as mission president and it sounds like his wife will do very well as well.  President Zinke is completely different from President McIntyre.  It`s clear that a lot is going to change in the mission.  I just hope that all of the missionaries can adjust well and remain completely loyal and obedient to the new president.  He became the president on June 30th which is exactly the one year mark from when I started my mission.  That means my mission is exactly half with President McIntyre and half with President Zinke. 
Transfer announcement phone calls happen on Monday mornings now.  One came this morning.  My companion is leaving.  I`m going to become a trainer for a new missionary.  I will be staying in Imabari which is on the island of Shikoku (not the main island).  On Thursday there will be a meeting with the president, the new missionaries, and the trainers.  That is when it will be announced who I am going to train.  I heard that two Australian missionaries are coming in this transfer.  I hope that I get to train one of them.  Then, I will have my Austrailian accent perfected.  I`m excited for the opportunity to become a trainer.  The president himself called to tell me the transfer announcement. 
That`s about all for this week.  I love you all and wish you the best back at home.  Goodbye. 
-Elder Isaac Swift

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