This is Kobe, Japan.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Imabari Japan 24 July 2001

Week 56
Mission Log
How is everyone doing back on the slower half of the world?  It`s nice being a whole day ahead.  I feel like I`m living in the future.  I already know what the 25th of July is like and you`re all still stuck on the 24th.  I can`t tell you too much about the future because, then I might change the past and that would cause some big ripple effect that would mess up the future that I`m living in now.  I tell you a little bit about what I did in the future this week, but try not to do anything differently because of what I tell you.  Just act the same way you would have acted if you didn`t know anything about the future.  If you change anything, I might cease to exist! 
No, there wasn`t any period at the beginning here where I would get sick while my body would try to build up immunities and get use to the different bacteria and viruses that they have here.  I was totally fine.  Perhaps Swift genes are just superior to all bacteria and viruses that currently exist on the earth, therefor making us invincible to all disease of any sort.  I can`t tell you too much about the future, but perhaps these super genes end up giving us super powers and we become superheros that travel the world fighting evil and completely destroying all the buildings and things around while we fight. 
It`s still really hot here.  I believe that August is going to be the hottest.  There was actually a typhoon that came in on Monday night and was here through Wednesday.  In Imabari it was just really windy but in other areas it was a lot worse.  On Monday night and Tuesday morning, the wind was blowing are apartment building all night.  It was really loud and all the doors were shaking.  There were even times that it felt like the whole building would shake or be moved by the wind.  It was like being in an earthquake all night.  The next day (Tuesday) I wanted to go out and keep working like normal, but my companion was way scared to ride his bike in the typhoon.  I ended up working just by phone calls for a lot of the day.  In the evening I made him go out, but we just had to walk.  He thought the bike was too dangerous.  In Japanese "Typhoon" is "TAIFUU".  It`s pronounced exactly the same except without the "N" at the end. 
Also, in the future, cell phones can exchange numbers and information using infra-red lasers, microwaves can bake things like an oven, and everyone likes cartoons and comic books.  It`s a pretty crazy future.  I hope that everyone back in the past is doing well.  I miss you all.  I`ll come back to the past and visit you sometime.  Bye. 
-Elder Isaac Swift

It is 12:03 on Monday.  It is rainy today.  I`m bored waiting or my companion to get done emailing.

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