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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Imabari Japan 31 July 2011

Week 57
Mission Log
I`ll let you know how a normal week goes here.  Monday is preparation day.  We still wake up at the same time and study and do everything the same until around 10 o`clock.  Then we email, do grocery shopping, write letters, etc.  At 6 o`clock preparation day ends and we have to get back to work.  We've started running a Family Home Evening activity at the church every Monday night.  We just play a game, talk, and have a little spiritual message.  It`s fun.  On Tuesday we have our meeting with the branch mission leader.  This just started up again because we just got a new mission leader called in the branch.  We go over to his house every Tuesday.  Right after that, we usually go and help out at and English club downtown.  They like us because we can speak English.  On Wednesday we`ll usually have our district meeting.  That`s a weekly meeting with four to eight missionaries.  At night we teach a free English Class in the church.  I think a lot of the people that come, come because they want to have fun and not because they want to learn English.  So, I plan the lessons so that they will be really fun for everyone and you can`t still learn stuff if you want to.  We play a lot of games, have discussions, work on pronunciation. and do some role playing.  Everyone seems to enjoy it.  On Thursday morning we usually do our weekly planning session.  On Friday sometimes we go to a community center and do some service for them.  Friday nights we're starting up a Ping Pong activity.  We`ll get together and play ping pong every Friday night.  On Saturday nights there is a festival type thing downtown every week.  On Sunday we go to church.  We teach a lot of lessons throughout the week to investigators (people who are learning about the church).  We visit a lot of less-active church members.  We also visit a lot of the regular church members in order to help, encourage, and strengthen them.  Any other time will be spent riding our bike or walking through town and telling people about the church. 
I`m pretty sure that most of the places have the same type of church meeting that we do back in the United States except with a lot fewer people.  I have been to two branches that only had two hour church meetings instead of the three hour meeting, but we started teach Preach My Gospel class after church, so it became three hours.  My last branch did'`t have any primary, young men`s, or young women`s classes.  There just weren't any youth there. 
I didn't really do much else this week.  I`ll right again next week.  Bye. 
-Elder Isaac Swift

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