This is Kobe, Japan.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Imabari Japan 11 Sept, 2011

Week 63
Mission Log
My plan to infiltrate the Japan Kobe Mission Infrastructure and become accepted as one of them so that I can learn what they`re really up to is almost complete.  This week, I even got to travel quite a bit to go to some of their top secret meetings and conferences.  On Monday, I took a trip to Matsuyama which is a couple hour away by train.  I spoke with some people there and then went immediately to Okayama without even coming back to my base in Imabari.  Okayama was a few more hours by bus.  There we had a private conference with about thirty people that the President chose to share his secret plans for the mission with.  I wrote down some notes and locked them up back at my base.  I think they`re really starting to trust me, because after that meeting I got invited to the even more exclusive meeting with the President.  There was about six of us in that meeting.  There, he told us all of the real hidden motives behind his actions and informed us of the devious plans and happenings that are about to unravel.  I haven`t blown my cover yet.  I`ve nearly assimilated myself into their structure well enough to begin forming alliances and thwart any evil plans that arise.  Also, on Friday and Saturday I spent some time in Niihama (two hours by train) instructing some missionaries about many important secret plans that have been formed and helping that sector of the mission to become a greater ally to my cause. 
Last preparation day, I got to see a really cool castle in Matsuyama while I was there.  It`s up in a mountain and you have to take a chair lift to get up to it.  Also, inside the castle, you are able to try on some samurai armor.  It was really cool.  When my companion and I had it on, several different Japanese people that came by wanted to take pictures of us, but none of the Japanese people wanted to try the armor on themselves.  It was kind of funny.  It`s a little weird to think of how many people that I don`t even know have taken pictures of me in the last year.  It`s strange thinking that there are tons of pictures of me floating around in the hands of random Japanese people.  It`s like I`m a celebrity ;). 
It`s weird that I have so many relatives that I haven`t even met yet.  Next summer, we`re going to have to have a family reunion or something so that I can meet everyone.  It`ll be interesting to see how everyone has changed over two years.  I think I`ve just been getting fat.  Maybe I need to ride my bike more.  My legs have gotten really musclular from all the bike riding, but my abs have just gotten worse, I think.  I`ll try to start doing sit-ups in the morning from now on. 
I don`t really have anything else that I can say this week without jeopardizing this entire mission.  I better sign out before this line of communication gets tapped and everything I`ve been working for goes up in smoke.  Show this to no one.  I dont know when I`ll be able to make contact again.  Be careful.  Bye. 
-Elder Isaac Swift

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