This is Kobe, Japan.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

11 Dec (12 Dec in Japan) 2011 Sennan Japan

Week 75
Mission Log
I`ve become pretty much a pro at figuring out how to turn the typing back to English after I accidentally switch it to Japanese.  It only took me about two seconds this time.  The space bar is really tiny on the keyboards here and the button to switch it to Japanese is right where the second half of the spacebar is supposed to be.  I accidentally hit it all the time.  Other then that, Japanese keyboards are exactly the same as American keyboards.  As long as you keep it in English mode, there is no difference. 
I am still working with Elder McKellar and Elder Murray.  The next transfer calls will be on Monday, one week from today.  The transfer will occur on Thursday.  I wonder what`s going to happen. 
I`m continually amazed at the technology in Japan.  I expected Japan to have really cool advanced technology, but nothing like this.  There isn`t really any difference in the computers, phones, ipods, or TVs or anything like that.  Most people don`t even have a computer or a clothes dryer in their home.  The technology that they do have us beat on is their vending machines.  First of all, they`re everywhere!  Even in neighborhoods and on random streets in the middle of nowhere, there are vending machines along the road here and there.  I`ve seen vending machines with fresh vegetables or fruits in them multiple times.  Foods, batteries, small electonic/car parts, cigarettes, alcohol, eggs and of course normal drinks can also be found in vending machines here and there.  Most commonly they have drinks in them.  None of the drinks are left to be at a normal temperature.  Every drink is either chilled or heated at all times.  The machines all run twenty four seven in order to have your drink at the perfect temperature at all times.  I`ve even seen some that you can adjust the temperature according to what you like.  Sometimes they have small TVs on them advertising the product, or they just talk to you.  On the coffee ones, you can adjust the amount of coffee beans, cream, sugar, and things like that.  You can get your drink in a cup with ice in it and a straw if you choose to.  Sometimes I feel like the vending machines here have more variety and better service than grocery stores and even some restaurants back in the United States.  However, there one downside is that they use up ridiculously large amounts of energy.  I`m sure that vending machines will end up being the downfall of this country.  All the time, talk comes up of turning of vending machines at night or lessening the heating and cooling functions on them in order to save energy in the country, but people freak out and don`t want to do it.  I mean, when it`s two in the morning and I want a melon soda, it`s got to be kept at exactly one degree Celcius.  Any warmer would just be unbearable. 
Last Monday, we went to a zoo/park that`s in our area.  There was a dolphin show and it was really fun and interesting to watch.  We also got to see two kangaroos fighting each other, climb a lighthouse, feed some monkeys, and touch various animals.  It was a bunch of fun.  We actually don`t have a lot of time this week and I took a while going off about the vending machines.  So, I`m going to have to get going now.  I`ll right again next week.  Bye. 
-Elder Isaac Swift

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