This is Kobe, Japan.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

4 Dec (5 Dec in Japan) 2011 Sennan Japan

Week 75
Mission Log
Seventy-five is three fourths of a hundred.  That means that My mission is nearly three fours of the way over already.  I can`t believe it.  It`s weird to think that a whole year went by since last Christmas.  It feels like it was just yesterday. 
A few interesting things happened this week.  Elder Symmonds went back home.  He got a medical release and went back to the United States on Saturday.  I am now working with the other two missionaries that were in the same area with us, Elder McKellar and Elder Murray.  Elder McKellar is from Australia and Elder Murray is from Canada.  They`re both way cool, and we`re getting along well.  We will be working as a threesome for the next three weeks.  I don`t know what will happen from there.  It would be cool if I got back together with an old companion again.  It could end up happening.  There is also a possibility that I could end up training again.  Who knows? 
I don`t know when Caleb will get his acceptance letter.  It sounds like he sent his application in for the early application date.  I sent mine in for the latest one.  I applied a lot later than this.  Jordan Ottesen applied at the early one, and he got his acceptance letter much earlier than I did. 
My address is Oosaka-fu Sennan-shi shindachi ichiba 893 banchi 3 sanhaitsu izumisunagawa and I am in room number 1027.  I can see everything from my apartment because it`s on the tenth floor of a building up on a hill.  I can even see Kobe. 
I also got sick and had to go to the doctor this week. 
I got to go on a companion exchange with Elder Kawamura again.  That was pretty fun.  He was my companion about a year ago. 
I think that`s everything for this week.  I`ll talk to you all again later.  Bye.
-Elder Isaac Swift

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