This is Kobe, Japan.

Monday, May 2, 2011

1 May 2011 Japan

Week 44
Mission Log
It`s really hot here all the time and it`s only just beginning to warm up. It`s usually pretty sunny. One day it was sunny in the morning so I went out in my regular short sleeved shirt and no coat or anything, but out of nowhere it just started pouring down rain. We had to run back to the apartment as quickly as we could and we still got soaked. It was when I was on a companion exchange in Matsuyama too. So, I didn't have any other white shirts or nice pants with me. It was a fun experience. They have a cool high tech shower that turned into a dryer and dried all my clothes so it was OK. Other than that day, the weather has been very nice.
On Mother`s Day evening you call me. It will be Monday morning here. I`m expecting you to study up on your Japanese between now and then. I`m excited to talk to you again. It feels like we just barely had the Christmas phone call though.
There is a giant bee wasp thing right next to me. It`s huge and it`s kind of freaky. It probably has poisonous stingers and fangs, and I don`t trust Japanese hospitals at all.
A lot of the Tokyo missionaries here went back to Tokyo yesterday. They should all be going back by the end of May. The mission President is going to change pretty soon. It`ll be sad. Everyone really loves President and Sister McIntyre. They were really really good. I heard that the new mission president doesn't have very good Japanese and his wife doesn't speak Japanese at all.
This week went pretty well as far as the missionary work goes. We`re plenty busy all the time. We have people to teach. We helped a less-active member come back to church here and we`re working with her family to see if they want to join the church. We taught a guy named Otsuka a couple of times. We went on a one hour car ride through crazy mountain paths with a member of the branch that drives like a maniac, driving us so that we could teach this one guy. It turns out he`s ninety-three years old and he can`t see or hear much at all. We probably won`t go back and teach him again. Sister Misaki came back here from school yesterday because it`s vacation.
This week is Golden Week in Japan. It`s essentially just a week of all holidays. They don`t celebrate any of the holidays or do anything special, but they get the whole week off from work and school.
We went to a Foreigner store in Matsuyama. It was awesome. I bought A&W and some sour gummy worms. They were playing sweet American music, too. It was basically the best day of my life.
What is Dad working on at work now? Is it something really cool?
I`m out of things to say. I`ll write to you next week. I love you. Bye.
-Elder Isaac Swift

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