This is Kobe, Japan.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Imabari Japan 29 May 2011

Week 48
Mission Log
This week went pretty well.  The rainy season has definitely started up.  It rained every day this week until today.  Yesterday we actually got a phone call with orders from the mission president that everyone needed to go back to their apartment because there was a typhoon.  (Typhoon is actually a Japanese word, but it doesn't really have an "n" at the end of it.)  We have to wear our rain suits all the time every day.  Today actually happens to be pretty nice though.  It`s sunny and warm and really windy. 
The transfer calls came on Tuesday and on Monday I transferred to Imabari you can`t really zoom in on it on Google maps either.  It`s only two areas north from Uwajima.  It`s in the same zone, but a different district.  It has a few more people than Uwajima, but still not very many.  My new companion is named Elder Tukukino.  That`s a New Zealand name.  His parents are both Maori, but he was born in Australia and lived his whole life there.  He`s 19.  His birthday is in July.  He is pretty tall.  He has only been in Japan for five weeks now.  I`m teaching him everything I know.  He`s way fun because he`s from Australia and therefore loves Tim Tam Slams.  The branch here has about 27 people in it each week.  It`s bigger than Uwajima, but it`s still pretty small.  Also, I`m the district leader now.  It`s way harder being district leader and senior companion and stuff.  It was so relaxing and nice when I was just a junior companion and I didn't really have to worry about much. 
I don`t think I`ll be able to get to go to the temple at all while on my mission, but I would love to go to the Tokyo temple with you when you come up here. 
Yeah, people on the streets do get angry or try to argue with us sometimes.  People in Japan are generally really embarrassed or scared to tell people if their in a religion.  It`s kind of looked down upon by a lot of people here.  Some people say they don`t want to meet with us or they don`t want to join because they`re afraid of what their family and friends might think.  It`s kind of sad.  So far since I've come to Imabari we got stood up three times.  Our person who was getting ready for baptism called us and canceled her appointment.  One appointment only opened the door six inches, said two sentences, and closed the door when we came.  One person gave a Book of Mormon back to us because her family was yelling at her for having it.  On Saturday we found the nicest women and her son and they were interested and planning on coming to church the next day.  That night she gave us a phone call.  She said, "My husband came home and got way mad.  I`m not going to be able to come to church or meet with you again.  I`m so sorry."  I wish everyone would just accept the gospel. 
I bought a kendo stick.  It`s way cool.  I`m planning on buying a MegaMac after we get done emailing.  It`s like the BigMac except it`s bigger and better.  Do they have it in the US? 
That`s pretty much all I have to say this week.  I love you all.  Bye. 
-Elder Isaac  Swift

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