This is Kobe, Japan.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Imabari Japan 5 June 2011

Week 49
Mission Log
Surprisingly, the weather was really nice this week.  It didn't rain at all.  They kept saying it will rain on certain days, but it never did.  It was supposed to rain today, but it was pretty sunny and nice.  I think we`re just not going to have a rainy season this year.  Just kidding.  It`ll probably get going soon. 
You know what`s crazy?  I`m on a mission right now. 
I hope the SAT went well.  One of the speakers in church last week said a quote that I really liked.  He said, "No matter what great college you graduated from, I still consider your seminary graduation more valuable."  I`m glad I went to seminary.  I hope that Jarom gets called to the Kobe Japan mission.  I could be his trainer.  It`d be so cool! 
I always just read the emails on the computer and I don`t delete any of them. 
The mission is led by a mission president.  Then, there are assistants to the president, usually two.  They are in Kobe and they help run the mission.  The mission is divided up into about ten different zones.  Each zone is led by two zone leaders who are companions with each other.  In each zone there are 1-3 districts and they are presided over by one district leader.  The district is usually 4-8 missionaries.  The district leader calls each area in his district every night to see how they`re doing and such.  The areas report their numbers at the end of the week to the district leader.  The district leader plans a district meeting every week.  The district leader conducts companion exchanges with elders in his district to help and train them.  That is how the mission is set up. 
This morning we got a phone call and we have to stop teaching another one of our investigators and her kids because the husband got mad.  They were progressing so well.  She had a baptismal date picked out and everything.  We had nine people scheduled to come to church yesterday, but only two of them came. 
I`m way way super tired every single day.  I don`t think I`m going to ever not be tired until the end of my mission.  I might fall asleep in this chair while emailing. 
We went and saw Imabari castle.  It was really cool.  It had a giant moat and wall around it.  The castle was six stories high and it was up on a big hill.  It was really cool, but the inside was completely modern.  The castle had been destroyed a while ago, so they just built it again in 1980.  It`s all concrete and stuff.  It`s still pretty cool though. 
I went to leadership training in Okayama  for a few days this week.  All of my old companions except one were there.  One has already gone home, but everyone else is a leader now and is one this side of the mission.  It was really cool getting to see them all again. 
My birthday is coming up pretty soon and my year mark is only ten days later.  Those are some pretty exciting days.  That`s about all I have to say this week.  I hope that everyone is doing well.  I love you.  Bye. 
-Elder Isaac Swift

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