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Sunday, October 16, 2011

16 October 2011 (Monday the 17th in Japan) Wakayama Japan

Week 68
Mission Log
Another week has gone by, and everything is still going just fine.  On Tuesday, we got to work with two of the nearby Elders, and one of them was in the same district with me in the MTC.  It was cool to work with him again.  Then, at night, we went to Osaka for a meeting with the Stake Presidency.  It was pretty cool.  On Wednesday, we had interviews with the mission president.  He`s a good guy and his wife is very nice.  We wanted to go down to a place in our zone called Shingu for a day to help out the missionaries there.  The thing is, Shingu takes about eight hours to get to.  We spent most of our day on Thursday going down there.  We worked with them on Friday.  Then, we left really early in the morning on Saturday and rode the train forever to get back to Wakayama.  Between that and going to Osaka for the meeting and the interviews, we hardly had any time to work in our own area.  It was a fun week though.  Have you ever seen or heard of the movie "The Cove"?  It turns out that the cove in that movie is in Shingu.  There are tons of protesters at the cove all the time.  While in Shingu, I was able to eat some raw dolphin and some raw whale meat with a lot of whale fat.  I thought that they were both pretty good, but the other missionaries that came didn't like them at all.  On Sunday, I had to teach the Gospel Principles class about the Law of Chastity.  My companion and I take turns teaching Gospel Principles class each week.  After church we went to an event that was going on which they called International Cafe.  We get invited to all of the International events because we`re Americans.  I expected this event to be a gathering of a bunch of foreigners that live in Wakayama.  While there were quite a few foreigners, the majority of the people there were Japanese people who liked English, like foreigners, have been to another country, or were just bored.  It was fun. There was a little performance and snacks.  Then, there was a time for everyone to get up and just talk with people.  Everyone would just come up to us because we`re Americans and start a conversation with us.  We used the opportunity to teach them about the gospel.  We found four new investigators there in like thirty minutes.  The food was also pretty good.  There are a lot of koi fish here.  In Japan they are everywhere.  There are especially a lot in the moat that surrounds the Wakayama castle.  The koi that are white, orange, red, and/or black look nice, but over half of the koi that I see here are just a really ugly brown color.  Japanese people think that they are really pretty, but they actually don`t look nice at all.  They`re pretty gross.  Wakayama is a pretty big city.  It`s probably four times the size of Imabari.  The church here is also really nice.  It`s a proper building that the church built.  The chapel is on the second floor.  That`s actually pretty common for the churches that we build here.  It looks like a normal church building that we`d have back at home, except, it has two full floors, there`s no gym, and there aren't any pews.  It just has folding chairs that we have to set up every week.  Everything is going really well.  I`ll talk to you again next week.  Bye. 
-Elder Isaac Swift

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